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 Mr. Cordero brings a level of clarity to project execution that is unparalleled. He's a world class leader who led the largest Active Directory and Role Based Access Control deployment in the history of the organization. This was a project spanning 37 global sites and served as the working model for exemplary technical leadership. We achieved all major milestones on time and on-budget. Moreover, he drove the creation of the operational practices needed to maintain the infrastructure post implementation to insure continued success.

David Liska, Director, Distributed Systems, Invitrogen (Life Technologies)

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What we do

Cloud Watchmen is an information security consulting company dedicated to working with clients to identify and fix the IT security and operational practices that jeopardize a business.
Cloud Watchmen uses an action plan based approach and leverages lessons learned through multiple years of experience across a diverse set of industries to develop plans and approaches that avoid rework, maximize your existing technology investments, and provide guidance to your IT and Security leadership in the IT compliance and security space. 

A partnership with Cloud Watchmen allows clients to: 

  • Take Control of Compliance: Get your auditors out of the business of driving your IT and Security priorities. 
  • Quit Wasting Time: Determine your true security priorities and focus on doing those well.  
  • Bolster Your Staff:  Give them the knowledge and confidence needed to tackle information security challenges. 
  • Maximize Your Technology Investments:  Put in place the controls needed to meet your security requirements and reduce multiple disparate technologies.  

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